Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D.
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Dr. Kortsch received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida, where she also lectured for four years on a diversity of subjects in the psychology department. In 2003 she presented a symposium on human development at Harvard University in Boston. She is also certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and has worked with abused children for the Guardian ad Litem program with the State of Florida, as well as with at risk adolescents (substance abuse, anger management, children of alcoholics, abused children, alternative life styles, dysfunctional families, etc.) through the Changing Lives Program with FIU. She has also worked extensively with terminal AIDS and cancer patients in hospice care in Mexico, USA, and Spain, and has been effective in bereavement counseling. Here in Marbella she has also taught Introductory Psychology to undergraduates at CIE (American University).

In her private practice in Marbella she works with an international clientele focusing on the resolution of many problems related to the stresses of modern life in careers, relationships, sexuality, parents, children, health, goals, acculturation, and life in general.

For the past 29 years she has studied a variety of clinical therapies and alternative healing modalities, in particular, advanced psychoenergetic techniques. She also studied Liberal Arts at the University of Waterloo in Canada, and Sociology & Political Science at the Complutense University in Madrid. Born in Germany, raised in Canada and Switzerland, she has also lived extensively in Mexico, Spain and the USA. She has three sons.

Long interested in Jungian analytic psychology, integral psychology, and dream interpretation, she has studied these together with mythology, compared religions, symbolism and related fields since 1969. In her private practice in Mexico, her clinical work in the USA, and her practice here in Marbella, both with individuals and groups, in her work with adults, adolescents and children, Dr. Kortsch strongly emphasizes the holistic or integral (physical, psychoemotional, and spiritual) human being.

Dr. Kortsch offers workshops in the personal development field. Her current “The Conscious Journey Within” Workshop Series is being offered at the Kempinski Medico Resort in Estepona, and in Calahonda (by request).

Join Dr. Kortsch on her weekly radio shows broadcast live since 2003 on OCI FM 101.6 (Costa del Sol) or FM 94.6 (Costa Blanca) in English on Wednesdays from 11:00 - 12 noon CET (Central European Time).

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