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The articles in the archive are constantly being added to. Some are brief, as short as 350 words, touching on the subject matter in pithy fashion, some are 1,500 words, typical magazine article length, while others may be as long as 35 pages, going into vigorous academic detail.

I have written these articles over a period of years since 1998. The subject matter, while mainly psychological, is nevertheless eclectic and open, with the intention of being non-judgmental and free of ideology.

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Article Titles

Are You In Alignment With Who You Really Are?

Are you in Love or do you Love?

Are You Living The Life You Want To Live?

Are You Safe?

Are You Tired of Your Life?

Being More Kind, More Loving & More Compassionate

Can You Forgive?

Cellular Responsibility: Getting Your Power Back

Change Your Mind & Your Life Will Also Change: In 3 Weeks

Choosing Love Over Fear

Claiming Responsibility for the Self

Committed Relationships: Use Them to Grow Towards Self-Understanding and Real Love

Companions That Shape Your Life

Consciousness is a Full-time Job

Controlling Ourselves, Our Lives And The People In Them

Could Super Achievers Be Driven By Low Self Esteem

Create a New Life: One Intention at a Time

Creating Healthier Boundaries

Crossing Thresholds To Greater Growth

Deciding to Live in a Friendly Universe

Does Happiness Continue to Elude You?

Don't Allow Them to Take Your Dream from You

Do You Dance?

Do You Like The Person You Are Alone With?

Do Your Relationship Boundaries Contribute To Your Well-being?

Do You Vibrate to a Tune That Serves You Well?

Dream Interpretation: Toward Greater Self-Awareness and Understanding

Emotional and Energetic Vampires

Emotional Unavailability: An Introduction

Entering the Now Moment by Leaving Unawareness Behind.

Enthusiasm and Feeling Blah Can't Live in the Same Place!

Falling In Love With the Wrong Person

Fatherless Women: What Happens to the Adult Woman who was Raised Without her Father?

Feeling Compassion only for the Hungry or also for the Person Who Hurt You

Finding A Meaning for Your Life

Finding it Hard to Love Yourself? Check Out Your Boundaries

Get a Grip on Your Thoughts & Get a Grip on Your Life!

Giving Birth to Yourself

Giving Up the Need to Be Right

Gratitude, Choice, and the "Why Did This Happen to Me?" Syndrome

Grow in Richness: Stop the Blaming

Growth As Your Goal

Guilt: Useless or Useful?

Happiness: Has it Become a Science or is it a Question of Luck?

Have You Sold Your Soul?

Having a Relationship with an Emotionally Unavailable Partner

How Well Have You Analyzed All Those Issues in Your Life?

How Your Thoughts Change Your Body.

I Like You - I Like You Not: The Torment of Mixed Messages

I Need You, I NEed You Not. Does Love Imply Needing

Intentional Focus, Your Happiness, Your Success and the Law of Attraction.

Introducing Our Second and Third Brains: We Do Think With Our Heart and Instinct

Joy: a Fundamental Key to Your Happiness

Just Exactly When Are You Going to Get On With It?

Keeping Your Energy High

Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Fear of Emotional Expression

Leaving Your Friends Behind

Listen To Your Gut !

Living In The NOW, Use It To Enrich Your Life

Looking in all the Right Places

Losing the Connection: You Still Love Each Other but No Longer Connect

Love and Gratitude are on your Road to Freedom

Love Triangles or Adult Sexual Triangles

Love Yourself First

Loving the Self in Ten Steps

Loving Without Needing

Loving Yourself: A Roadmap

Making Choices, Taking Responsibility for Our Lives

Making Fear of the Unknown Work For You

Marriage in the 21st Century Could Cutting Edge Spiritual Psychology Make it Viable Again?

Nurture Yourself to Happiness & Success

Obsession, Possession & Control in Relationships

Our Obstacles

Pivoting Away From Pain

Reaching For the Sky

Recognizing the Hero in Your Life

Rejection, The Devastating and Paralyzing Effect it Can Have on Us

Reliving Your Pain & Making it Worse

Remaining Conscious

See Your Own Reflection in the Mirror of Your Relationships

Self-Esteem, the Ego, Achievements & What Others Think of You

Seven Tips to Keep You Going When You No Longer Know What to Do

Sexual Energy, Fail To Understand It At Your Peril

Shifting YOUR Paradigm

Telling Yourself The Truth

Tending Your Inner Garden

Ten Reasons Why Gratitude Should Form Part of Your Daily Routine

The Best Thing About Falling In Love

The Energy Barometer, Make Your Mind Body Connection Work For You.

The Failure - Success Loop

The Mirror of Relationships

The Absolutely Best Way To Help Your Children Grow Into Exceptional Adults

The Puritan Work Ethic, Wu-Wei, and Is Life Really Meant to be a Struggle?

Transparency in Relationships

What Are Your Addictions?

When Love Walks Out the Door: Six Tips For Intelligent Survival

When Your Partner No Longer Makes You Happy: 3 Survival Tips

Where Are You Now?

Why Does My Partner Treat Me Like This?

You are Here to be Happy

Your Parents, Your Children and the Marital Bed.

Other Articles

Article Critique: A Severe Sexual Inhibition in the Course of the Psychoanalytic Treatment of a Patient with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder by Otto F. Kernberg

Death, the After-Life and the Soul in early Christian Gnosticism and Buddhism

Developmental Psychopathology: A Review and Integration

Developmental Psychopathology: Diversity

Developmental Psychopathology: Pathways

Developmental Psychopathology: Resilience

Judaism: Truth and Life

Male and Female Orgasmic Disorders

Mithras and the Carryover Effect of the Mithraic Cult on Early Christianity

Ordinary People A Relational Study of the Mother in the Movie

Possible Selves: An Integration of Developmental and Clinical Approaches to Interventions for Positive Youth Development

Psychopathy: Subtypes, Etiology and Possible Treatment

The Demarcation of Science from Non-Science

The Impact of Parenting Styles and Non-shared Environments on the Development of Antisocial Personality in Siblings

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