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Because workplace stress, lack of motivation, poor understanding of prioritizing, and poor inter-personal communication affect a corporation's bottom line, business and executive leadership coaching is one of the most intelligent measures a company can take in order to enhance employee performance, productivity, motivation, and satisfaction.

  • Workplace stress costs corporations across the globe billions each year. This cost includes items such as accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, direct medical, legal, and insurance costs, workers' compensation awards, etc.
  • Workplace stress is the most frequently cited reason employees consider leaving their jobs. While employers acknowledge that stress is affecting business performance, few are taking steps to address it, according to two 2008surveys by Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading global consulting firm.
  • Employees often cite poor or no communication as a major source of their unhappiness at work, possibly due to a lack of skills or lack of understanding of the importance of strong communication. However, improving communication can bring about positive results fairly quickly when time and attention are devoted to it.
  • Mindful and inspired communication can help employees to connect personal goals and values with opportunities and assignments at work, leading to increased motivation and productivity.
  • Inspired leadership can harness the interests and energies of employees, while they are at work, leading to an increase in focus, productivity and innovation.

None of the above, however, are addressed as long as a corporation lacks interest in making a change in the way it not only deals with its employees, but also in the way it views them.

My vision is to achieve effective communication, inspired leadership, increased motivation, and above all, to train employees to successfully manage stress in order to be capable of accomplishing all of those goals. The synergy of these concepts leads to enhanced performance, productivity, motivation, and satisfaction.

On-site programs dealing with each of these issues and tailored to the specifications of each business are offered. Programs have been designed for employees at all levels, including:

  • Global stress management - not only for front-line employees, but for all layers
  • Skills required for a flow of effective communication from - and to - all levels of the organizational structure chart
  • Team motivation (structured either for employees as a whole, or for top managers in order to become versatile with motivational skills)
  • One-on-one sessions with key executives
  • Leadership training with top executives, working on the principle that the trickle-down influence in corporations can make the difference between a business that is doing well and one that is excelling on all fronts
  • In addition, programs can be designed for continued on-site wellness of staff, and individuals (either culled from among existing employees or new hires) can be trained for this purpose.
For further information, please email info@advancedpersonaltherapy.com

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