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A newsletter should not intrude on the recipient, i.e., it should not arrive too frequently, nor should it be too long. Having said that, however, it should also not only appear just once in a while.

My intention is to offer one newsletter or ezine per month, either with some cutting-edge information that has come to my attention, or with a strikingly useful article from the general field of integral psychology and psychotherapy, including, but not limited to subjects such as therapy, hypnotherapy, motivational information, dream interpretation, nutrition, quantum physics, energy modalities, symbolism and its uses in everyday life, etc.

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I also look forward to your comments!

Please note that while the newsletter continues to be published every month, no further files have been uploaded since April 2009, although all the articles are freely available on the Articles page in the members area.

Past Newsletters
April 2009 Do You Dance? Are Joy & Happiness Major Components of Your Life?
March 2009 Can You Forgive?
February 2009 Looking in all the Right Places
January 2009 Our Obstacles
December 2008 Consciousness is a Full-time Job
November 2008 Emotional and Energetic Vampires
October 2008 Claiming Responsibility for the Self
September 2008 Why Does My Partner Treat Me Like This?
August 2008 Cellular Responsibility: Getting Your Power Back
July 2008 The Absolutely Best Way To Help Your Children Grow Into Exceptional Adults
June 2008 What Are Your Addictions?
May 2008 Where Are You Now?
April 2008 When Love Walks Out the Door: Six Tips For Intelligent Survival
March 2008 How Your Thoughts Change Your Body.
February 2008 Do You Like the Person You Are Alone With?
January 2008 Love and Gratitude are on your Road to Freedom
December 2007 Are You In Alignment With Who You Really Are?
November 2007 Grow in Richness: Stop the Blaming
October 2007 Finding it Hard to Love Yourself? Check Out Your Boundaries
September 2007 Nurture Yourself to Happiness & Success
August 2007 Making Fear of the Unknown Work For You
July 2007 Emotional Unavailability: An Introduction
June 2007 The Mirror of Relationships
May 2007 Tending Your Inner Garden
April 2007 Losing the Connection: You Still Love Each Other but No Longer Connect
March 2007 Create a New Life: One Intention at a Time
February 2007 .Your Parents, Your Children and the Marital Bed.
January 2007 Are You Living The Life You Want To Live?
December 2006 Gratitude, Choice, and the "Why Did This Happen to Me?" Syndrome
November 2006 The Puritan Work Ethic, Wu-Wei, and Is Life Really Meant to be a Struggle?
October 2006 Happiness: Has it Become a Science or is it a Question of Luck?
September 2006 Marriage in the 21st Century Could Cutting Edge Spiritual Psychology Make it Viable Again?
August 2006 Feeling Compassion: Only for the Hungry, or Also for People Who Hurt You?
July 2006 I Need You...I Need You Not
June 2006 Finding a Meaning for your Life
May 2006 Introducing Our Second and Third Brains: We Do Think With Our Heart and Instinct
April 2006 Committed Relationships: Use Them to Grow Towards Self-Understanding and Real Love
March 2006 Intentional Focus: Your Happiness, Your Success, & the Law of Attraction
February 2006 Making Choices: Taking Responsibility For Our Lives
January 2006 Living in the Now: Use It to Enrich Your Life
December 2005 New Year Resolutions
November 2005 Dalai Lama: Science, Ethics, and the Betterment of Humanity
October 2005 Poll Says Even Quiet Divorces Affect Chidren's Path
September 2005 DNA can change according to the feelings of the individual
August 2005 A New Look at Old Attitudes
July2005 Feel your emotions
February 2005 Forgiveness (and "bio-identical hormones")
January 2005 Something We Could All Learn From
November 2004 The 9 Insights of the Wealthy Soul
June 2004 The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay
May 2004 Autism in children breakthrough
April 2004 The Influence of Supplementary Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Fatty on Antisocial Behaviour of Young Adult Prisoners
March 2004 Finding Happiness: Cajole Your Brain to Lean to the Left
February 2004 Nutrition and criminal behavior
January 2004 Stem cells migrate from bone to brain

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