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Transpersonal (Integral or Holistic) Psychology


Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Ken Wilber Official Website
Transpersonal Psychology Links

Psycho-Energetics (Energy Meridian Therapy)


Emotional Freedom Techniques
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
Donna Eden / Innersource



International Association for the Study of Dreams
The Dreams Foundation
The Lucidity Institute Inc.

Bio-Identical Hormones (Menopause / Andropause)


CBS Interview with Dr. Uzzi Reiss
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Women to Women
EMAS: European Andropause and Menopause Society Please note that there is a plethora of andropause information on the Internet (check ), but I have chosen this particular website not because I am familiar with the doctor in question, but because the website discusses progesterone and estrogen replacement for men and NOT JUST testosterone! Please inform yourself prior to taking any decisions regarding hormones, and ask for references of anyone you might decide to see.

Consciousness Studies, DNA, Quantum Physics, & Neuro-Science


Centerpointe Research Institute
The Monroe Institute
Center for Consciousness Studies
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Gregg Braden
The Institute of Heartmath
Global Consciousness Project
Hado Net: The World of Water Crystals
Omega Institute

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