Private - Intermittent - Sessions –
(In Person or by Telephone & Skype)

A private session in a safe place, where you are neither judged nor criticized, and where what has occurred in your past or current life can be discussed, is meant to be the prelude for the work you will then do yourself during the time between that session and the next.

I do not expect you to come to see me without giving you some guidelines about what you yourself can do in the following days or weeks that will help you begin to make some of the changes that will improve the quality of your life. Coaching is of little use if it is not immediately applicable to your current life situation and the way you feel. The way I reach those guidelines depends in part on my experience and training, and in part on what we discuss together in the session/s and what you - with my input - feel is best for you.

You may come to see me (or have telephone appointments) for one session for several weeks or more, and then cut down to once a month, or not come at all again until several months or even more have passed. This kind of intermittent work (as one tends to do with dentists, ophthalmologists, and so on) is not less valuable than many consecutive sessions; on the contrary…if you are committed to your own growth and change, you will welcome the work you can do on your own, practicing in the everyday situations of your life in order to improve them, and you will know when you can best use another set of sessions in order to take the next step towards your own transformation.

Whether you are able to come into my office, or live too far away, sessions can be held one-on-one in person here in Marbella, or on the telephone - domestically in Spain, or internationally. If preferred, sessions can also be scheduled on Skype.

If you are interested in a telephone session, you will need to request the forms I ask each of my clients to fill out prior to the first session. You may do this by sending an email to, or by calling +34 952 929 071 in Spain.

Telephone sessions need to be paid for in advance either by bank transfer or by Moneybookers or Paypal. Private sessions in my office are payable directly after each session.

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