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The issues I discuss on the radio are intentionally eclectic, and while they remain within the broad boundaries of human behavior, integral or holistic psychology, body, mind, and spirit, there are, nevertheless, occasions on which other themes are developed. Feel free to browse through over 150 audio clips available on this page from topics that were aired 2003 to 2008.

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The show airs in English weekly on Wednesdays from 12 noon to 1 pm European Time (for your time zone equivalence, click here) In order to listen, click here.

Ways To Listen:

1) LIVE: on the web at ReWiring the Soul.

2) PAST EPISODES FROM January 2009: these are available at ReWiring the Soul. These clips are for listening when the show is no longer live, for downloading, for iPod use, iTunes, etc.)

3) PAST EPISODES: Beginning January 2009 you may also click right here on the player below.

4) PAST EPISODES FROM 2003 - 2009 listen to over 150 archived audio files below, scroll down for full listing. Just sign up for your FREE access to the members area.

Show Time & Equivalent Times in Other Locations
Locally: 12 noon to 1 pm CET: Central European Time or click here to convert from your time zone

- 12 noon Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Rome (local: Marbella, Spain)
- 1 am Hawaii
- 6 am New York City
- 7 am Mexico City
- 11 am London
- 1 pm Cape Town
- 2 pm Moscow
- 3 pm Dubai
- 4 pm Mumbai
- 7 pm Hong Kong
- 8 pm Tokyo
- 10 pm Sydney

Participating in the Show:
If you want to call in during the show, call this US number +1 646 727-1281. You can also - at the show's website - "click to talk" online, with no need to make a phone call.

Alternatively, you can chat with me and other listeners online during the show by signing in once you are at the site of that day's episode (as you can see in the current month's listings).

Information About This New Show
Many changes have taken place at the local studio where I had been broadcasting for the past five years from 2003 - 2008, and they finally closed their doors to the international section of their station.

Hence, I am continuing to broadcast via another medium and under the name ReWiring the Soul.

After five years of broadcasting a conventional radio show in Southern Spain about topics in the broad (and frequently eclectic) fields of integral psychotherapy and positive psychology, I wanted to venture further abroad. Thanks to my incredible interlocutor at the station, Brenda Padilla, we managed to produce 154 audio clips from that show and they are all available via my website.

ReWiring the Soul is the result of my desire for a change. Psychology per se is good, but we need to reach much further in our quest to create the balanced human being. The mission statement for this show might be "using all tools available via nutrition, fitness, psychology, cutting-edge empirical research, holistic therapies, spirituality, neuro-science, etc. to further the growth of the soul."

This call-in talk show welcomes and interviews guests from all walks of life, although occasionally I will be speaking alone. Those of you who have listened to my past programs know that the main message I have always woven through the shows has consisted of the need for becoming aware and then making good choices from this position of awareness. On this show that will be our guiding dictum.
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Miscellaneous Topics




If you are interested in having a particular subject discussed during one of my shows, please call my office, details are on the contact page, or email me.

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