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Life Focus, Intention, and Success: Understanding the Law of Attraction and Applying it to Your Immediate Life  

We’ve all seen The Secret, we’ve all been inundated with information about the Law of Attraction, and I hear people telling me over and over again: “But how do I apply this information? It just doesn’t work for me, because I have no idea how to make use of it.” This workshop aims at resolving precisely that dilemma.

Past Life Regression: Its Role in Healing Unresolved Parental Issues and Relationship Difficulties

How many people have done a great deal of work on themselves and their relationships in therapy, in exercises of all types, in bodywork, meditation, and all kinds of other practices, only to find that although they may have gained a great deal of understanding, and their stress levels may have decreased substantially, that they have in fact, not solved the initial problem? In cases such as these, past life regression is frequently the method that finally brings them the answers they have been searching for with such fervor. Past life regression weaves together strands of eternal connection between you and others in your life that have had an important impact on you - whether that impact was positive or negative. One method for resolving the impact that was created is by re-living and understanding the bond or links that you share with the other person. This workshop which also includes a lengthy experiential group regression session, aims at explaining not only these fundamental timeless associations, but also how past life regression may be a tool in their comprehension.

  Using the Now Moment to Release Stress, Problems, and Anxiety

Who doesn t have worries, problems, stress, and anxiety? Have you ever wished you could be more like the people who seem to know how to handle it all? Or perhaps you never realized they also had problems, because they didn t appear to be strained or worried, until you understood that while they also have had difficulties, they seem to be able to cope better than most with the negative effects problems and worries create. One of the most competent/proficient ways of doing this yourself is by accessing the Now Moment. What happens there is quite spectacular. How to get there is the nucleus of this workshop, with both interactive and didactic methods. In other words, you will learn how to get to the Now Moment, how to use it in your benefit, and therefore, how to immediately improve the quality of your life. You will take with you knowledge to use every single day of your life in an ever-increasing spiral of freedom.

Jungian Dream Symbolism and Interpretation in Relationships: How your Anima and Animus appear in your dreams to show you the direction you are taking

Have you ever wondered what your dreams really mean? Is it possible that you dream for no real reason? Or do you dream because your dreams are in fact a mechanism by which your subconscious mind tries to communicate with your mind? If so, then it might be very important to not only remember your dreams but particularly, to learn how to understand them. This introductory workshop focuses on exploring a variety of dream interpretation techniques and on beginning to understand the rich symbolism of dreams, because by understanding your dreams, you can also acquire a greater degree of self-awareness and self-understanding.

Fatherless Women and Motherless Men: What happens to the adult woman who was raised without her father, and to the adult man whose early maternal relationship was not intact?

Sometimes a father's physical presence may form part of the household, yet he may not be available for his daughter in the way that she hopes for as she searches his face in vain for a clue to her own identity; sometimes a mother does her utmost to raise her son with love and attention, yet he feels as though he never received the love he so desperately sought from her as a child; as though he had been shortchanged in the affection department. Sometimes the parent is not actually present, due to divorce, abandonment, illness, or death; sometimes the parent is negligent, uncaring, or even abusive: in all these instances, the child suffers, and pays for it in his or her adult relationships. This workshop explores these issues, their recognition, and possible resolution.

Power, Possession, Obsession, and Control in Relationships: What Turns Some Individuals Into Obsessive, Possession- and Power-Driven Control Seekers? Why do Other Individuals Allow This to Happen to Them?

Most people have met couples that have clearly demarcated power lines. One of the two holds the reins firmly in one hand, while the other allows him or herself to be controlled. The control is frequently of an emotional or sexual nature, rather than a financial or physical one. In the couple, one of the two needs to feel in possession of the other individual about whom he/she obsesses. Is this all to be blamed on feelings of insecurity and inferiority, or is there more than meets the eye at first glance? And what about the one at the receiving end of the equation? The one who is being manipulated, controlled, possessed? Are they allowing it because they are weak? Because they fear delineating boundaries of behaviour since it might cause them to be rejected or abandoned by the other individual? These and other topics form the body of insight of this workshop.

Relationships: Begin to see your relationships (even those with problems) as Priceless Tools for Gaining Greater Self-Understanding, Growth, and Inner Freedom
Ever wonder why we frequently choose partners that initially attract us enormously, only to cause so many problems later? Or why we leave one relationship only to realize we're faced with another version of the same person all over again in the next one? What does it mean when we cry out in pain: "How could you have let me believe you were like this, when really you are like that!" These and other, related topics will be explored in this workshop that aims at bringing about a deeper understanding of the real meaning and purpose of relationships, and how they may form part of an individual's psychological, emotional, and spiritual evolution and well-being.

Sexual and Love Triangles: How do they slip into our lives and why do individuals so frequently participate in them, tolerate them, and endure the pain they entail?
When one partner in a relationship is involved with a third person, the emotions that may arise can range from acutely destructive jealousy to deep suffering and pain, hot rage, abject humiliation, betrayal, pain, sorrow, and disgust. An inner sense of breaking down can accompany these already difficult emotions, and the individual may feel it is impossible to go on. What of the other two in the triangle? Their emotions may also be fraught with pain, and need to be examined. In a situation of such potential suffering for the three individuals involved, it is not merely a question of making decisions about how one could feel better. Rather, it is important to recognize that these situations come into one’s life for a purpose, and if they are not paid attention to, then there will be no purpose, and the suffering will have been in vain. This workshop examines triangles, how to begin to consciously understand them, and how to deal with them.

Emotional Unavailability in Relationships: What does it say about your partner? More importantly - What does it tell you about YOU?

Why do some people frequently find themselves in relationships with emotionally unavailable partners? Why are some individuals emotionally unavailable, yet seek out relationships with unwitting partners who - at least initially - have no idea what they are letting themselves in for? Is emotional unavailability a character flaw? Or does it come about due to conscious and unconscious decisions made throughout the lifespan based on disturbingly painful experiences? Is the attraction to an emotionally unavailable partner inevitable; does it signify there is something wrong with you; or is it also a product of difficult prior experiences? Finally: can any of this be changed?

Happiness: Develop your capacity for happiness. Raise your level of happiness. See the quality of your life improve on a daily basis.

Why is happiness frequently so elusive? It seems to slip through our fingertips and we spend most of our lives chasing it like an errant butterfly, or telling ourselves that we "just weren't meant to be happy". Or maybe we don't deserve to be happy. Or maybe so many other things with which our minds torture us. So what might happen if we knew how to change all of that? If we could just "learn" what to do in order to ensure that our lives would be full of satisfaction and contentment and enjoyment. Wouldn't that be worth a bit of effort? Imagine being in charge of your state of happiness or content every day of your life. This workshop provides you with tools to achieve that. More importantly, this workshop shows you how easily you can make these monumental changes in your life, in order to begin to feel the difference immediately.

Love & Relationship Challenges Seen Through the Lens of the Astrological Chart

Carl Gustav Jung, one of the world’s most renowned visionaries in the field of psychology, viewed astrology as an unprecedented tool for understanding the human psyche. Our greatest relationship and love challenges can be seen in the natal horoscope, allowing you to gain greater understanding and insight into your inner workings. Jungian analytical psychologist and humanistic astrologer Liz Greene indicates that to neglect using this tool would be like not using a microscope in scientific study. To attend this workshop, I will need your birth information 4 days prior to the actual workshop, including time of birth, date, and place of birth. In this workshop some typical relationship and love challenges will be addressed in light of the astrological charts of the attendees to the workshop.

Leadership Challenges: Knowing Yourself to Become an Effective Leader

How is it possible to pro-actively lead others, whether a nation, a business, or a group of any kind, if you are not truly familiar - and comfortable - with yourself? This workshops aims at focusing on the issue of self-awareness and self-knowledge on three levels of intelligence: rational, emotional, and intuitive, as applied to greater and better leadership, increased bottom-line results, and particularly, improved relationships on all levels of hierarchy to which the inspiring leader aspires.

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Most workshops take place from 10:30 - 14:30. Doors open at 10 am. If you wish to organize a workshop in your city or area, please call or email for further information.


60€ in advance or 90€ at the door on the day of the workshop, except for the Love & Relationship Challenges Seen Through the Lens of the Astrological Chart Workshop which is 85 in advance and 100 at the door.

Payment Options

1) 60€ (bank transfer / deposit): in advance. Please contact me for details.

3) 90€ (cash) on the day of the workshop at the door (space permitting).


Each workshop comes with a handout.


Complimentary coffee, tea, water, fruit, and pastries will be available throughout.


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